Celebrating 250 years in Concord!


We’re ready to start celebrating Concord’s 250th anniversary! Cheers to 250 Years New Year’s Eve Gala starts off the events to celebrate Concord’s 250th yearlong celebration. For tickets and all the details, CLICK HERE.


Come celebrate the first minute of 2015 as it marks Concord, New Hampshire’s 250th anniversary.

Join us as we support and promote the rich history and many activities, festivals, cultural groups and traditions that make our Capital City one of the most unique and historic in the country.

Concord 250 is a group of citizens and friends of Concord, New Hampshire with the mission of supporting and promoting the 250th anniversary of the City of Concord for the benefit of all residents, guests and friends of the city.

Concord 250 is a New Hampshire non-profit registered as a 501(c)(3).


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2 comments on “Celebrating 250 years in Concord!
  1. good morning I was wondering if maybe you wanted to set up a table at Relay for Life on June 7 to get people to check out the time capsule you can call me at 6:03 674 3434

    • jennyk721 says:

      Hello Joshua Crowell:

      Sorry for the delayed response – we are just getting the hang of this new fangled website thing (joking). I am forwarding your message to the Board to take up at their next meeting. The Time Capsule is actually being removed for safe keeping on June 6th. Perhaps there is another opportunity. ` COncord 250

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